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Introduce the use of 350mm printing height UV flatbed printer, product details, uv flatbed printer software failure and wholesalers. Please contact us if you need it.

Purpose of 350mm Printing Height UV Flatbed Printer

A wide range of equipment printing materials.

1. Flexible medium

Such as: shoe materials and finished shoes, basketball, football, volleyball, advertising cloth, reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, self-adhesive, TPU, PVC, etc.;

2. Rigid medium

Such as: ceramic tile, glass, marble, plastic, metal, wood products, wood, stone, leather, cloth, crystal, acrylic, PP, PC, KT board, PVC material, ABS, IMD, etc.;

3, kinds of product shell media

Such as: personalized PC card, mobile power, personalized U disk shell, MP3 music player shell, camera shell, Bluetooth headset shell, mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell, laptop shell, etc.

Product Details of 350mm Printing Height UV Flatbed Printer

350mm Printing Height UV Flatbed Printer

1. Model: 2513 UV printer is suitable for high difference angle products

2. Printing size: 2500*1300mm

3. Machine size: 4300*2200*1450mm

4. Maximum height: up to 350 mm

5. Advantages: industrial production machines

6. Printing effect: according to the buyer's request, according to the actual production method

7. Platform: The tablet must have scale numbers

8. Ink color: CMYK, LM, LC, W

9. Ripping software: Maintop (Windows7 32bit, Windows XP pro SP2) PP

10. Medium height: 500KG

11. Ink supply system: UV ink SGS

12. Speed: Production Mode: More configurations are available

13. Automatic cleaning: positive pressure cleaning

14. Print head: multiple print heads can be selected

15. Ink capacity: 2000ML/bottle

16. Ink: UV ink

17. Print head control: software adjusts temperature and voltage

18. Drying system: LED-UV

19. Color control: in line with international ICC standards, with curve and density adjustment functions

20. TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, EPS, PDF, etc.

21. Power: 50Hz/60Hz, 110V-240V

22. Interface: USB 3.0 

Common faults of uv flatbed printers and their solutions

1. Software failure of uv flatbed printer

Solution: Reinstall the software of the UV flatbed printer. If the value is incorrect, you need to restore it. Note that before reinstalling, you need to antivirus on the computer and add the UV flatbed printer software to the whitelist of the antivirus software.

2. UV flatbed printer is affected by temperature

Solution: The outside temperature is between 15°C and 30°C, which is a good factory temperature for UV flatbed printers. If the temperature is too low, an air conditioner needs to be installed, and if the temperature is too high, it needs to be cooled.

3. Color matching problem of uv flatbed printer

Solution: restore to the color curve value set at the factory, if not, you can contact the technician of the factory to modify it remotely. If it is a new type of uv ink, the color curve needs to be remade.

4. The ink dots of the uv flatbed printer are different

Solution: Print the test chart, observe the state of the nozzles, and clean the nozzles if the ink is blocked.

5, uv flatbed printer ink precipitation

Solution: If the UV ink is not used for a long time, the internal pigment will have the problem of precipitation. Before using it, it needs to be fully stirred. If it coagulates and becomes sticky, it means that the uv ink has expired and needs to be replaced with a new one.

6, uv flatbed printer ink is different

Solution: Different types of uv inks have different color saturation, light and shade, color gamut, etc. After replacing the new uv ink, it will inevitably lead to color problems in pattern printing, and the color curve needs to be remade.

350mm Printing Height UV Flatbed Printer Supply Wholesaler

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