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An introduction to virtual credit cards, the use and installation of virtual credit and prepaid cards. If you need to apply virtual credit, please contact us.

Introduction to Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit card, also known as: virtual VISA credit card, VISA virtual credit card, VISA virtual card, VISA international credit card, task card, game activation card, PayPal activation card, EB activation card and iOffer activation card, etc. Users with credit card payment security need products launched for overseas online shopping, activation of various online accounts, recharge, etc.

Uses of virtual credit and prepaid cards

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The emergence of virtual and prepaid credit cards is mainly to reduce the risk of online payment and help people spend reasonably. However, the issuer obviously underestimated the ingenuity of the majority of netizens, who have studied various uses.

1. Buy VPS, register various servers for trial

Many service providers only support credit card payment, but many users cannot apply for a credit card for various reasons and have to settle for a virtual or prepaid credit card.

2. Book Airbnb to avoid unnecessary losses

Reservations with Airbnb or often require a credit card guarantee to protect both the hotel and the host. benefit. For example, if you don't show your room for one night, or if you lose the contents of your room, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the room.

One person recounted a booking experience he had. At one point, he booked a hotel with a Citibank virtual credit card, which he ended up not visiting because of a change in plans. He was informed by the hotel that since he did not cancel 24 hours in advance, he would be charged $225 for his stay. A month later, a customer service agent at the hotel's headquarters called him and asked for a valid credit card because the card he had provided earlier had declined the payment. He politely declined and hung up the phone. If he booked with a physical credit card, he might have to lose a night's space for nothing. There are many instances online where people have booked an Airbnb, checked out, and been asked for a large sum of money.

One person asked: "Airbnb unreasonably asked me to pay $1915 and after a direct debit failed I was asked to pay manually. What happens if I don't pay? Leaving aside the discussion about what's right and what's wrong no Talking about it, the nice thing about using a virtual credit or prepaid card is that you can take an aggressive stance. If it's really your fault, better pay the price because the spirit of the contract is still there.

3. Various free trials, such as Netflix trial version, ABC mouse trial

The virtual card works fine and Netflix is always free.

4. Verify PayPal

For some reason, some people need to sign up for multiple PayPal, they need to use multiple credit cards to verify PayPal, a virtual credit card is a good option, such as Entropay.

5. Shopping on various e-commerce sites

For many online shoppers, a US credit card is a coveted tool. Unfortunately, it is not easy for foreigners to get US credit cards, and no new cards are issued with AV Verified US Unlock. Citibank can't place a card without an SSN, only Bank of America (BOA) has the opportunity to issue a card, but at a higher cost, the most likely to get and cheap is GCash's Amex card.

6. Recharge Entropai

While Entropay is a thing of the past, this venerable virtual card worked really well and was the first virtual card I ever used.

7. Various games and app sign-up bonuses for new users

I don't know how to play this, I've only heard of it.

8. Purchase software from the App Store or Google Play to purchase various digital products.

9. Pay for Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads

Virtual Application Card Processing

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