Global Cash Virtual Card Application Tutorial-Fincone

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Introduce the application tutorial of the Hong Kong Global Cash Virtual Card, the preparatory work before the application and the card issuing bank of virtual card.

Hong Kong Global Cash Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Global Cash is a virtual card application website for Mastercard, which currently has the lowest application threshold in China, and is considered by many to be the only website in China that can still apply for virtual cards. Therefore, Global Cash has become the most widely used virtual card application platform in China, with the largest user base and the lowest threshold.

Reasons for the lowest threshold for virtual cards

The reason is that applying for a virtual card on this site doesn't require money like other virtual card platforms, where you don't even need identity information or authentication to buy an unlimited number of Mastercard virtual cards. I say unlimited because there are no rules about global cash that limit how many virtual cards a user can apply for. However, there's a prerequisite, because while the Global Cash virtual card app doesn't require a purchase, you must top up $100 into it (now $300 minimum) to get a virtual card.

What to do when applying for a virtual card

  1. You need a Chinese mobile phone number to register a global cash account, and then you need to use it to log in.

    Hong Kong Global Cash Virtual Card

Once on the page, follow the instructions in the picture and fill in the cardholder's name, preferably your own real name, although Global Cash does not require real-name authentication, what if you need to use other advanced features later? Finally, real-name authentication is also required. After filling in your name, you can also set the currency of the virtual card. Currently, the currency of the card can be set to RMB or HKD. Of course, if you want to pay in USD or EUR, you will need to pay a currency conversion fee.

2. After filling in the information, you can proceed to the next step, where you need to fill in the login password and mobile phone number to log in to the Global Cash account. The login password is 6 digits, set it, submit it and you will be redirected to the online payment page and top up the virtual card.

After a successful charge, you will be able to log in and this time, you will be able to see your account information as shown below.

Click the [Details] button at the top to view your Mastercard VCC information.

For the security of the virtual card, the system does not display the full card number and security code and expiration date by default. To view the details click on the "Show Full Information" button and enter the 6 digit payment code you used when registering.

At this point, you can use this Mastercard at any merchant that supports Mastercard. Buy like you would with a regular credit card. Simply enter your card number and security code on the payment page of a Mastercard-enabled website and submit payment.

3. Like other virtual card platforms, Global Cash allows us to get physical cards. Having a tangible Global Cash card is the equivalent of having a Mastercard credit card, but you can't overdraft, and all purchases are basically the same, except you have to deposit up front.

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