Buying Guide for UV Flatbed Printer with Rotary

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To introduce how to choose uv flatbed printer, the advantages and of UV flatbed printer with rotation, the product is of good quality. If you need , just buy it.

Recently, many people don't know how to buy a uv flatbed printer. Today, I will reveal to you the three dimensions that need to be considered when purchasing a uv flatbed printer, namely: the user itself, the manufacturer itself and the device itself. Give everyone a certain reference.

How to choose uv flatbed printer with Rotary

1. Material cost

The printing of the uv flatbed printer is personalized and customized, coupled with the special 3D relief three-dimensional process, the product has high added value and is suitable for products with higher profits. If the market price of the printed product itself is very low, there is no need to use a uv flatbed printer to print the pattern. For example, the wallpaper on the wall is better to use photo printing to make it.

Many people are more optimistic about such a machine, which can print all kinds of materials. The price of the machine is relatively transparent in the current market. When purchasing such a UV flatbed printer, the main consideration is the later cost input.

2. Ink, nozzle

In the later stage of production, the main cost lies in the consumable ink. The larger the printing volume, the more the cost will be invested, but the large volume will also bring more returns. Because the application of UV flatbed printer is to enhance the added value of the product. If you print a large amount by yourself, you must consider the manufacturer's matching ink price and long-term supply discounts.

Nozzles are also consumables in this industry, and each nozzle costs two to three thousand. Each nozzle has a certain lifespan. For parts such as nozzles, they need to be replaced after a certain period of time. However, some people do not have many products to print, and improper maintenance or incorrect operation habits will cause abnormal damage to the print head. This also increases the cost of production.

3. Labor costs

The last is the labor cost. The operation of each machine requires the operation of personnel. Small machines can be operated by one person, and larger ones require additional manpower to improve the efficiency of the machine.

For a mature and reliable machine, the maintenance cost of the main body of the machine is almost low. When purchasing, it is necessary to understand the qualification of the manufacturer to basically avoid the cost problem caused by the problem of the machine.

 uv flatbed printer with Rotary

Advantages of UV Flatbed Printer with Rotary

1. Good compatibility

The UV flatbed printer is compatible with different industries, unlimited materials, and will not cause damage to the materials. It can be printed not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather; With more and better compatibility, the use of UV printers avoids the problem of selecting materials for screen printing and water transfer printing, and also avoids the damage of organic materials such as leather, cloth, and cotton by thermal transfer printing. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and can better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

2. The printing position is accurate

The printing position of the UV flatbed printer is accurate, avoiding the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing. The UV printer no longer uses the traditional printing mode and method. It is no longer the simple manual operation and manual printing in the past. It has a high technical content The advanced computer synthesis and automatic control technology are better organically combined, which can very accurately align the area and position to be printed, avoiding the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing.

Since it is multi-color printing at one time, there will be no problem of registration and registration. These advantages can also be very effectively combined with engraving and etching to print beautiful pictures in the engraved area, or perform precise etching after printing, etc., which can also make a good breakthrough in the engraving industry.

3. Very suitable for picture printing that requires color transition

UV flatbed printers break through the bottlenecks brought about by screen printing, thermal transfer printing and other printing methods, and find new profit growth points for customers. Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, cannot achieve all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have clear color boundaries. It is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself between the two colors. However, many products need to print high-precision and high-complexity patterns such as trademarks and logos, and the gift and handicraft industries are more widely used.

UV Flatbed Printer with Rotary suppliers

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