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Introduce the solution to the color problem of A3 size UV printer, the technical characteristics and wholesalers of A3 size UV printer. If you need, just buy it.

Solution to the color problem of A3 size UV printer

The color problems of uv flatbed printers are manifested as: color cast in pictures, serious color difference, color loss, etc. There are 6 reasons for the color problems of uv printers: different ink dots, external temperature, software failure, different inks, ink precipitation, and toning problems.

1. Software failure of uv flatbed printer

Solution: Reinstall the software of the uv flatbed printer. If the value is wrong, you need to restore it again. Note that before reinstalling, you need to disinfect the computer and add the uv flatbed printer software to the white list of the antivirus software.

2. UV flatbed printers are affected by temperature

Solution: The outside temperature is between 15°C and 30°C, which is a good factory temperature for uv flatbed printers. If the temperature is too low, an air conditioner needs to be installed, and if the temperature is too high, it needs to be cooled.

3. The problem of uv flatbed printer toning

Solution: Restore to the color curve value set at the factory, if not, you can contact the technicians of the factory to modify it remotely. If it is a new type of uv ink, the color curve needs to be recreated.

4. The nozzles of uv flatbed printers have different ink dots

Solution: Print the test chart, observe the status of the nozzle holes, and clean the nozzle if there is clogging and poor ink output.

5. Ink precipitation of uv flatbed printer

Solution: For uv inks that are not used for a long time, the internal pigments will have a problem of precipitation. Before use, it needs to be fully stirred. If it condenses and becomes sticky, it means that the uv ink has expired and needs to be replaced with a new one.

6. Different inks for uv flatbed printers

Solution: Different types of uv inks have different color saturation, lightness, and color gamut. Replacement of new uv inks will inevitably lead to color problems in pattern printing, and the color curve needs to be recreated.

Technical Features of A3 Size UV Printer

A3 Size UV Printer

1. Unique nozzle technology

At present, the quality assurance of uv flatbed printing mainly lies in the use of printing nozzles from enterprises with extremely advanced technology in the Seiko manufacturing industry. This type of printing nozzle not only has higher inkjet accuracy during use, but also is not prone to ink clogging, and is easy to use and maintain. Extremely simple and convenient. At the same time, it can also ensure a better printing effect of 8 gray levels.

2. Negative pressure ink supply system

The uv flatbed printing also adopts the current extremely advanced negative pressure ink supply system. This negative pressure ink supply system can separate the color and white parts relatively independently, and at the same time carry a negative pressure chamber to ensure that the white ink and the color ink are separated under the negative pressure. The stability under the pressure state, so that in the long-term printing, the uv flatbed printing will not appear the phenomenon of ink supply shortage.

3. Metal grating positioning

Many users are often unsatisfied with the positioning effect of the printer when performing printing tasks. Frequent printing errors have a very serious impact on some users who require extremely high printing accuracy. At present, uv flatbed printing adopts metal grating positioning technology, so as to ensure that uv flatbed printing will not have obvious error problems during continuous and repeated printing.

A3 size UV printer wholesaler

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