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The maximum format that UV printers can print, the factors that affect the speed and accuracy of UV flatbed printers, the selection criteria and suppliers of enterprises.

What is the maximum format that a UV printer can print?

Generally speaking, larger than A3+ and smaller than 74 inches is called large format printing. Now the format of UV flatbed printers is getting bigger and bigger, and formats such as 2513 and 2030 have become the mainstream. UV flatbed printers with a width of more than 2 meters already belong to the category of large-format UV printers, such as the common 2513UV flatbed printers currently on the market, which have become the mainstream of large-format UV printers. There are also some unconventional ultra-large format UV printers that claim to be 4 meters wide and 6 meters long. Can't be transported at all. If an enterprise wants to gain more profits, the most important thing is to minimize the operating cost of the enterprise through the selection of uv printers and uv printer consumables on the basis of ensuring the quality of printed products. And choosing a large format UV printer is one of the effective means.

Factors affecting the speed and accuracy of UV flatbed printers

Large Format Digital UV flatbed Printer

Generally speaking, everyone will be cautious when purchasing equipment such as large-format UV flatbed printers. From contact to purchase confirmation is a long process. How to choose a qualified uv flatbed printer is very important. The important indicators of uv flatbed printers are mainly reflected in three points: stability, accuracy and speed. So, what factors will affect these three indicators?

1. The stability of the UV flatbed printer.

The prices of mainstream UV flatbed printers on the market range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the model. The machine runs for a long time in the production process, and even has an overload phenomenon. Therefore, stability is very important. The main influencing factors are the robustness of the steel frame structure, the stability of the guide rails, the physical accuracy of the printing platform and the ink system of the nozzles. As well as the quality of devices such as motors and fans in the motherboard system.

2. The precision of the uv flatbed printer.

This is an important indicator of uv printers. The precision of the machine directly affects whether the products produced can meet the printing requirements of customers. UV printing products require high reduction and no color difference. This requires the high precision of the machine. The main factors that affect the accuracy of the machine are the quality of the nozzle, the smoothness of the ink system, the guide and chromatic aberration, and the stability of the platform.

3. Speed of uv flatbed printer.

For production machines, speed is competitiveness. When other metrics are similar, speed determines the production capacity of a business. The main influencing factors are nozzle quality, ink system smoothness and machine response speed.

In general, choosing a good uv flatbed printer requires comprehensive consideration of many aspects, such as on-site investigation of the manufacturer's RD strength, workshop knowledge of machine components and operational testing, and testing the machine's accuracy and accuracy through sample printing. speed. Only in this way can we choose a high-quality uv flatbed printer. The Japanese MIMAKI uv printer represented by Fufa Brand Industrial combines stability, accuracy and speed, and is the best choice for the printing industry.

How should enterprises choose the UV printer that suits them?

1. Do what you can

When choosing a large-format UV printer, it should be comprehensively considered according to a series of factors such as the company's own funds, workshops, personnel, printing volume, and printing type, and do what it can. Don't blindly follow this way to ensure "the best use of everything", so that resources can be used reasonably, so as not to increase the cost pressure of enterprise operation due to idle equipment. However, it is not required that companies only consider price issues, because with the increase of business volume and the expansion of business scope, the future development of the company must also be taken into account. Therefore, when choosing a large-format inkjet printer, it is necessary to "do what you can" and "do your best" to prepare for future development.

2. Comprehensive performance

The comprehensive performance indicators of large-format UV printers mainly include format size, printing speed, printing length, printing resolution and interface, ink cartridges, CPU main frequency, memory, hard disk, drawing language, network connection, etc. These performance directly determine the quality of printed products and subsequent equipment additions. The printing speed of large format color inkjet printers is measured in "square inches per day", and there are generally high-speed, standard, optimal, and high-efficiency economical printing modes. The printing accuracy has 600dpi standard mode and 1200/2400dpi fine mode, and the resolution can also have a variety of choices. There are many kinds of printers with different parameters that users can choose according to their own use environment. Large-format UV printers are very precise equipment, especially the inkjet head is very small, which puts forward strict requirements on ink performance, because good ink can not only increase the accurate color reproduction of images and texts. At the same time, it can prolong the service life of UV flatbed printer and the applicable scope of printing materials.

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